Who We Are


In 1984, as the result of a sleepless night brought on by the onslaught of ideas pulsing through my head, I sprang from my bed, grabbed the nearest writing instrument and proceeded to write down the following words:
Flash forward 12 years and many hours of education, graphic design and sign experience later, having found myself and a co-worker out of a job, we formed Turning Point Signs & Design (pun intended). For the next six years Turning Point Signs & Design would forge ahead creating signs and designs for both local and regional clients. In 2002, Creative Rage Inc. was formed and serves not only as the corporate name, but guiding force and vision of Turning Point. I look forward to working with you on a personal level with your next design or signage project.
See some of Joel's signature art!


Jim has been with Turning Point Signs & Design for over 10 years. He has a background in fine art and illustration. As far back as grade school Jim and Joel have traveled in the same circles and shared in many creative projects throughout the years. In 1998 Jim was brought in to work full time at Turning Point Signs & Design in a position that eventually led him to become the company's Production Manager. With a keen eye for detail, Jim has also emerged as the primary proof reader in the graphics department. Adding to our hand-carved, and sandblasted sign offerings, with the 2007 acquisition of a CNC router, Jim headed up the production department in expanding our growth into more automated dimensional signs. Always trying to expand our potential, many of Jim's "experiments" can be seen around the shop. Check out some of his personal art on his Creative Rage page.




Our long-time shop cat, Sammy had disappeared a few summers ago... Having missed the excitement of a four legged friend in the shop, we went to Lollypop Farm to find a new addition to our team... When we saw this cool one-eyed black cat named Davis, we figured it must be fate: one year old, Davis, was adopted on January 13th, 2013 and can be seen here at the shop daily. Thanks to the folks at Lollypop Farm for the service they provide. lollypop.org


You'll find Oakley hanging around the shop every now and again...sleeping, playing or greeting customers.

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